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Who should come?  Who should contribute?

Everyone!  At least everyone who likes, or plays, or designs, or runs, or writes about, or does research into, or simply thinks about, games, simulations, experiential learning exercises, and related methods.

Also, if you have only heard about educational games, but not yet used them, the ThaiSim conference and workshop ideal opportunities to learn and to connect with people who can help you.  So, even if you feel that you are a beginner, you will be very welcome.  We are all learning.

We welcome contributions that report on research, design and practice in simulation and gaming.  Participants at ThaiSim conferences tend to prefer practical and research-oriented sessions.  Although the focus is on learning-by-doing, hands-on participation and reflection-in-action, attention is also given to methodological and theoretical questions.  We particularly welcome our friends from abroad, so that we can share across cultures.

Resgistration, etc

ThaiSim conferences are held in a different venue each year.  Information about each conference is on other web pages, and includes dates, theme, venue, deadlines, fees, registration.

For information about a specific conference, location, registration, deadlines, fees, accommodation, etc., please go to the relevant conference web page:

ThaiSim 2011
ThaiSim 2010
ThaiSim 2009

All information regarding academic content, such as proposals, papers and proceedings, is located here on this web site.  Please make sure that you download the relevant document before submitting your proposal or paper.

Conference proposals

In order to submit a proposal to do a session at the next ThaiSim conference, you need to use the ThaiSim Conference Proposal Guidelines.  You must write a proposal for each session that you wish to do.


You do not need to write a full paper in order to present at the conference.  You may run a session at the conference without writing a full paper.  You may also submit a full paper for the proceedings - see below.

Writing a paper for the proceedings

Once your session has been accepted for inclusion on the conference programme, then you are encouraged to write a full paper for publication in the conference proceedings.

If you wish to write a full paper for the proceedings, your session proposal must first be accepted. To write you paper, you should use the Author Guide for ThaiSim Proceedings - see proceedings page.


bulletConference proposal.  In order to present at the conference, your conference proposal needs to be accepted.
bulletPaper for conference proceedings.  In order to submit  your a paper for the conference CD proceedings, your conference proposal needs to be accepted.
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