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Journal of Simulation/Gaming for Learning and Development

ISSN 2158-5539

The Journal of Simulation/Gaming for Learning and Development is an interdisciplinary, academic journal focusing on all aspects of simulations, games, role-play, serious games, experiential methods, and debriefing.  The journal is particularly concerned with applications to learning, teaching, research. development and assessment.


The main purpose of SGLD is to contribute to and disseminate practice, knowledge, research and theory in the design, use, debriefing assessment of simulations, games and related experiential methods.  All levels are covered, from primary schools, through secondary schools and universities, to professional uses in industry.


Vol 1, N 1


Publishing data

The full name of the periodical is
Journal of Simulation/Gaming for Learning and Development

bulletThe abbreviated name is:  SGLD.
bulletIt is available in electronic format, on an open access basis, on line at this web site.
bulletCurrently SGLD is published once a year.
bulletFor the most recent articles - in OnLineFirst, click here.
bulletFor issues, click here.
bulletTo see the Editorial Board, click here.
bulletTo contact the Editor, send email to sgld.editor |@|

Writing an article

1.  Before you write an article for SG4ED:

Look at previously published SGLD articles.


The most recent articles, appear in OnLineFirst.

bulletIssues of the journal can be obtained here on an open access basis.

2.  To submit an article:

bulletFirst, send a proposal (title, summary, keywords and plan) to the editor.
bulletAlso consult the SGLD Publication Guide (pdf file).

You will also need to use the author check list.


Also look at the Tips page.


You may wish to consult the reviewer evaluation criteria as you write (and revise) your article.

To get the pdf guide:

bulletYou may right click, and then it will load in a new window;
bulletYou may left click, and then choose "Save target as", and then download the file to the folder of your choice.
We recommend this latter method as you will then have the guide on your hard drive to consult, even when you are not connected to the internet.

Some keywords:


Simulation/gaming is to be taken in its broadest meaning, to encompass such areas as simulation, computerized simulation, internet simulation, gaming, simulation/gaming, serious games, educational games, training games, e-games, internet games, video games, policy exercises, planning exercises, debriefing, analytic discussion, post-experience analysis, modeling, virtual reality, game theory, role-play, role-playing, play, active learning, experiential learning, learning from experience, toys, augmented reality, playthings, structured exercises, education games, alternative purpose games, edutainment, digital game-based learning, immersive learning, brain games, social impact games, games for change, games for good, synthetic learning environments, synthetic task environments.


Fields include: sociology, political science, economics, education, cognition, psychology, social-psychology, social psychology, management, business, marketing, government, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, health, medicine, nursing, research methodology, communication, environment, policy, planning, energy, utilities, natural resources, educational, technology, computing, geography, climate change, multi-culturalism, multi-cultural, intercultural, culture, organization studies, negotiation, mediation, history, peace studies, business, statistics, decision making, conflict management, cognition, communication, political science, language learning, media, video games, learning theory, international studies, agriculture, educational technology, information technology.


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